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Free iTunes Money (for US users)

For those of you low VIP and non-VIP players wanting to be higher or become VIP (or even those who just want some more coins):

Hey Haypi players, it’s me, Shadehawk (Shadewolf), and I recently have been shown something by one of my friends called FreeMyApps. Basically, you go to the link: and follow some short steps in order to be enrolled as a FreeMyApps user. FreeMyApps will ask a couple questions, such as ‘Can I install a FreeMyApps profile?” which just tracks the apps that you download and play so that you can receive the credits. Don’t worry too much about it, it just is needed to make sure you aren’t scamming the system. So basically, the point of FreeMyApps is to get credits for downloading free Apps and opening them for 30 seconds. Once you get 3000 credits you can receive an iTunes gift card for $10. You can keep getting credits and exchanging them for gift cards, it is infinite and kind of amazing.

Why FreeMyApps does this? They receive money from the companies of the apps you download. They app companies want you to try their apps, and hopefully you will like them. Then they get more customers. I don’t really abide by that idea. I download all of the apps, open them for 30 seconds (the minimum) and then delete them after receiving my credits.

So if you want free iTunes cash (or Amazon cards or other stuff that is on there), just type the link I posted above ( to Safari on the iOS devices or whatever Internet service Android runs and FreeMyApps will walk you through how to set it up.

Three more mentionable things for you guys:

1. Scam or not?
a. I honestly thought it was a scam at first. I checked it out and most of the reviews said that it worked so I tried it. Got $10 in one day (a lot of sponsors show up when you first start) but I’m expecting it to slow down to about $10 a week, I don’t know for sure yet. It takes about an hour to get 3000 credits, I did it while watching a movie. Getting back to the point, read reviews online if you don’t believe me, but it works, see for yourself.

2. The Key
a. In the very beginning of setting up FreeMyApps you have to get a key app (download a test app so that they know FreeMyApps is compatible with your phone). Honestly, this was the worst part for me because I accidently deleted my profile that FreeMyApps set up. I contacted support and after a week-day they responded and fixed my issue for me. It’s a pain at first (if you screw it up hahaha), but it is worth getting through.

3. Why do I care? (Let’s get real, that’s what you’re thinking)
a. Two reasons: First of all, I hate the fact that Haypi makes really fun games, but then makes them Pay to Play so that it is almost impossible to win without paying real money. If you have noticed in all my other post, I am very opposed to this system and fight for the little man (myself and others). I’m not going to pretend to be poor; I just don’t want to spend real money on this game.
b. Secondly, if you use my link: I receive credits for each person that uses it that receives their first credits for themselves (the key app download, then a credit earning download)

Okay, all I can say is give it a shot. It’s worth it. PLEASE use my url that I have copied. If you want to be a jerk and just go to you are fine to do so as well; however, it just hurts me, so please take the time to type in the extra several letters! I appreciate the support everyone, go get some free money!

If you have any questions, even skepticisms, post them below. I’ll answer them as soon as I see them! Thanks and happy freeing!
(Only works for US people, sorry kris haha :) )

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