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Shooting through frozen state




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Post Wed Dec 05, 2012 11:59 pm

Shooting through frozen state

WTH is this?! I dont mind people using glitches but using them in pvp dude c'mon thats just weak!

And no its not the "not showing what really happened" glitch cause after he shot and his turn ended the frozen state ended...
This is total bs..

s8 dude with fireshoot in 2/2 .. Sadly i forgot his name and wasnt expecting that (obviously) so i dont have an ss either.. (His name starts with L or something)

Haypi please for the love of god fix this stuff

And this post is just so That all who is glitching in pvp know that its pathetic..

Stop using bs glitches in pvp :roll:
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Re: Shooting through frozen state

Same topic as goldenchaos wrote but that turned into argument...
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Post Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:19 am

Re: Shooting through frozen state

This isn't the same topic lol and this isn't a glitch either. It really doesn't show the right things sometimes. I've played 4:4 on two devices at once a couple times and each one shows a different game...one will show someone being frozen and the other one doesn't. I do have ss of it somewhere I'd have to dig through my pics to find them lol.

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