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List of Bugs (Version 1.5.4)



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List of Bugs (Version 1.5.4)

A LARGE list of Bugs/Glitches: (Version 1.5.4)

UPDATED = 11-22-12

World Mode:

- While in game pause to chat does not work
- When at spin wheel turning device to a different side (initiating routine display) while the wheel spins causes the spin wheel to go off its location (this has been around for while)
- At times when playing a boss battle with players and want to leave early,. you are unable to leave game hitting "exit" does not register
- When playing boss at, at loading screen, on second turn or third, players will receive the message, "Not In Room" which will kick the player out of boss.
- When the message "Not In Room" does appear, a player is spammed with the message, please make it so the message only appears once.
- When switching from Offline Mode to Server Mode, a glitch causes the chat to clear up blank out each time you open it

Offline Mode:

- When switching to Offline Mode FROM Server Mode your are spammed by the following message, "Please Check Your Network Connection." Please make is so that the message only appears once

Main Screen:



- At times when switching from word mode to the tree a message appears, "You are not running the current version of the app" notifying us to update when we are clearly running the most current version. To fix this we have to restart device, thus making the message disappear.


- Without VIP, the 15 sec wait timer tends to last longer than 15 seconds at times
- Chat tends to clear itself when there is not a very good connection

PVP Mode:

- Some Players on 2g/3g Iphones cannot access PVP ("your device is not compatible for 1vs1" but still lets them in)
- Playing 2v2 PvP player leaves, rejoins, then master leaves and rejoins, then player leaves and rejoins then master is unable to start match nor leave room and an error message flashes declaring, "Not In Room"
- At times when battling, a player will move and fall off a platform, (clearly see that the dragon fell of the platform), when it comes to your turn the player/dragon teleports back to his original position.
- After battling/crashing/playing pvp. checking on the score/leaderboards at times you will notice that you actually lost 50-200 points/score for some odd reason?!
- "Not In Room" message occurs and appears very often when pvping and at times are spammed with the message, leaving you stuck at loading screen thus having to restart device in order to play again.

Be sure to list more bugs of your own below ;)

Thank You,
Ro ;)
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Re: List of Bugs (Version 1.5.4)

In both boss and pvp rooms, sometimes you will be kicked from the room with no reason, with no message telling you what happened. Sometimes it won't even let you enter a room, you'll be kicked before the in-room screen even shows up.

The "improved synchronization" is terrible. When playing on the same team on two different devices its like playing two completely different games. (Screenshots will be posted soon)



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Re: List of Bugs (Version 1.5.4)

when in PVP and a dragon finish explore, the app will crash
I get this many times and I'm using iphone 4 ios6
and I double checked the time on explore message and the time the app crashed are the same



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Re: List of Bugs (Version 1.5.4)

In PVP, i clearly saw that i have killed opponent and he turns into a ghost. Just whn i thought the battle is over, the ghost shoots back at me, he resurrects and i am killed!



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Re: List of Bugs (Version 1.5.4)

Here's a few more:
Angelo heal bomb going through map
The map with the blocks that can be dropped using clouds, they continuously shake and make people disconnect
Ice rain going through the floor?
Naughty bomb getting confused between two targets? Bug?

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