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Server 90 Expert Nominations Discussion

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Post Sun Jul 15, 2012 12:21 am

Re: Server 90 Expert Nominations Discussion

We currently have two experts that have asked that there expert title be removed from there s90 accounts. As they are not active on this server. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to allow two players from s90 to step up to fill these open positions. Let's keep all areas of our server active and maintain standards of excellence on s90. This includes having active experts. Also just a thought it would be nice to consider some American time zone players for these postitions as most often the 2 active of 5 experts we do see r commonly on during opposite time zones of the American players which leaves a huge time frame were we have no moderators to turn to with any related questions.




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Re: Server 90 Expert Nominations Discussion

Dear Support,

As a committed Haypi player, I am appalled by your lack of response to a dire need-experts. Please, name us new experts.

When this server first started, I often say ziggyhiggs and Sir_A. Then later on I saw mat90 a few times. Finally months in eurodancer made an appearance. I have now played for several months without seeing any of them. Please, name us new experts.

I am not on all the time, true. But experts SHOULD be. And I am on often, certainly often enough that I would see an expert. There are thousands of accounts on S90-can you say honestly that you cannot find 5 or 6 that are qualified to be experts? Please, name us new experts.

From my limited Haypi career, S90 being my 1st and only server, I cannot guarantee this next statement to be true. However the forums have led me to the conclusion that experts often play on multiple servers. How can one effectively monitor 2, 3, even 4 chats at a time? They cannot. Please, name us new experts.

Chat is an enjoyable and rewarding part of this great game. However it routinely erupts into a vicious beast that mars my experience and leaves me less likely to play, and buy coins in, this game. Please, name new experts.

I truly hope that as a paying and loyal customer my petition will be met with a through investigation, and not be dismissed out of hand or shuffled into the back. How long can any company thrive, or even survive, if they ignore the source of their income? Please support, name us new experts.

Sincerely, and with high hopes,
Strikerman S90
Zymase S602

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