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Server 88 Expert Nominations

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Re: Server 88 Expert Nominations

Hi. My name is lovely3000. I'm level 14 and rising steady. I would like to nominate grivlet for expert. He is smart and kind. I have seen him help many new players. He there when you need him and he is very generous. He spends time and money helping players in world chat out of tight situations.

I noticed there were nominations for wolverin3. I don't understand why. He has and a temper and mocks players.
I hope grivlet can be an expert. He really deserves it for being so patient. One time I witness him help a player for half an hour just answering questions. There was not a hint of impatience in any of his responses

He has also helped me. He thought me how to use forts to save food. He also spent a great deal of time explaining how prestige works. I saw a fight break our in world chat a day and griv somehow disolved it without incident.

Grivlet deserves expert. He will continue to help players and will not abuse the benefits. We need him.
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Re: Server 88 Expert Nominations

I vote grivlet aswell he is quick to control arguments and helps out everyone with cheap gear even those not in his ali



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Re: Server 88 Expert Nominations

I'd like to nominate fox~fox:) because she's always so nice and helpful in wc also s88 is in desperate need of an expert and she's the right person for the job



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Re: Server 88 Expert Nominations


I'm ImAnAussie and I, along with most of s88 find that we are in need of an expert to monitor chat. There aren't very many candidates for expert on this server though. I agree with lovely3000 about wolverin3, he lost his temper a few times the other day.

The player that I would like to nominate is grivlet. I'd have to say that he is probably one of the best people for the expert job. Not too sure if he's been an expert on any other servers.

I hope s88 gets an expert sometime soon.




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Re: Server 88 Expert Nominations

I want to nominate Forg1ven.
He clean in chat and he helps.
He is a really nice player, he bought me a new lvl 15 gear
When i lost it, when i got hacked.
He also helped me whit getting the account back.
If he didnt help me, i wouldt have been here.
Plz evryone nominate him. Hes a good player.

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