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Server 79 Expert Nominations

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Re: Server 79 Expert Nominations

I "could" and did as support said. If there is a problem with this then I ask you to report support to support. I did not create the letter.

Secondly the letter was posted because there was a question concerning the nomination from another player.

Third you should probably just play the game and let the real moderators and support do their job and quit complaining about what other people do. If there are any problems please report it to support and stop ridiculing people all the time as I'm sure others will agree.

This was posted for a while before you came along to comment about it. If it was a problem I'm sure support would have said something in the messages they have sent me here for sometime.

Have a nice day



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Re: Server 79 Expert Nominations

I would like to nominate Falaron as s79 expert...he has helped me and many others immensely and I think he would b a asset as a expert. Nothing personal but herogal is hardly ever on anymore so I think she needs replaced:) :)



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Re: Server 79 Expert Nominations

I vote for falaron and fa1thg1rl as new experts on s79. They r both helpful and fair players



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Re: Server 79 Expert Nominations

Yes would I like to nominate Falaron as s79 expert. He is one of the most qualified player there. Support, pls take the players of s79 request seriously. We have been asking for this for a while now. Thank you.
to arythy who r u? U post your from s79, your not. Put your 2 cents in your own server nominations. As with all else who r not from s79 and posting comments about how his nomination came about.
S79 players have been asking Falaron to declare himself for expert on our server. If you were from there u would know this.

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