Post Tue Dec 16, 2014 5:31 am

Letter Suggestion.

I don't really know the maximum letters you can have in your letter box, but let's say 32. I suggest for letters to be over the limit of 32 IF the letters below the 32nd one are less than 3 days old.
Basically the letters before the 32nd only last 3 days; so after 3 days you'll be back to 32 letters and not 49 or so.

It could be that the Haypi servers are more flexible holding up to 32 letters per player, but with my suggestion it will still be about as flexible; because after 3 days has passed by, the letters above the 32 count get removed; and you'll be back to just 32 letters.

For a person that has less than 32 messages, this suggestion doesn't affect them.

Why would this be useful?
Some people spam your inbox, and you could do nothing about it. Maybe a specific player stole your sub city and masked all the war reports with an alternative account.
Maybe someone wiped your army left in an oasis, and the person got a friend to spam you; so you couldn't see what you lost or who it was.
...or maybe someone farmed you, and covered it all up.

sorry if it was confusing