Post Sat Mar 09, 2013 1:54 am

Achievement Update

Soo, because I didn't really get any response I decided to start asking some of the top 10 players under the achievement category, in my server 123, whether they had completed the Treasure Collector Achievement (getting 5 treasure >lvl 10 or 5 chest >lvl 7" in all from daily gift). What i found was that none of them had actually completed it, and the most someone had was 40% complete. This really suprised me because all of these people I asked had over 400 achievement points, yet none of them completed it. I think that the ratio for this must be really really really small, and that something needs to be changed.
Right now people could be wasting their money on coins to just plow through the daily gift in order to get this achievement when in reality they will likely never achieve it.

If you have completed it let me know :)
Server- 77 & 123