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Scout / War reports




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Scout / War reports

Put more useful information into Scout and War report tabs, names and coordinates of those scouted or fought, home fight, away fight, etc..

It would make it easier to sort through them if you are looking for a specific report since right now they all look the same except for the date/time stamp on them. If I have a list of war reports, I can't tell if its an attack I made, did someone attack me, where was I attacked? fort? oasis? etc..

Just a little more information in the report tab would make a huge difference: who did you attack or attacked you, where did you send your attack or where did it come from. Same for scout reports, who did you scout and what are the coords.



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Re: Scout / War reports

You can get all this info by looking at the attacker/defender, and the results. There's only so much room before your letter gets cut off by those awful "..." anyway.
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Re: Scout / War reports

lol, all that info is given at the "war report"
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