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Up To Date Suggestions.




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Post Sat Feb 28, 2015 11:05 am

Up To Date Suggestions.

If you read this please respond with your thoughts. haypi needs to be cleaned up a bit. its been too long and our numbers are dwindling.

1. A construction queue:
Very simple really, and like many other games. You can queue builds, this is very helpful for building an account up.

2. Inactive player ruins:
Anyone who hasn’t signed on for a year, their cities turn to ruins, this would just mean they stop producing resources all together, and then, any city that has been a ruin for a year and is under level 16 should be removed, just like players who don’t meat merge requirements. This could be done on say a 3month basis ? it would mean more wars and activity on servers and not just farming dead accounts. (city should look like it has fallen when it is a ruin)

3. Alliances can formally declare wars or allies.
This should change the colour of cities on the map, and warn players before they attack an alli.

4. Leaders and vice leaders should be able to see a ‘last logged on’ for players (helping to stop alt spies)

5. A ‘co-leader’ option, who can resign mines, and everything a leader can do, except destroy the alliance (or declare war/allies)

6. ‘Elder’ option for any player that has been in an alliance for a set amount of time dictated by the leader, Eg a year or two

7. Honour leader board or new medal or something to spend honour on etc

8. Deleting ha_ accounts after a year of inactivity

9. Troops returned by Haypi should be returned in a chest that should be opened within 24 hours. Alli troops should be returned in a chest to the leader.

Fixes that are needed...

Push notifications needs fixed for android, when a building finishes, when getting attacked etc.
What happened to PVP? It helped you catch and ban numerous cheats.
What happened to the ideas in the beta test?
Merges are needed.
Android needs fixes: white screen, cant login on android 5.0. we still can’t scroll in alliance events etc.

I would like your thoughts and I will update.

I have virtually given up on Haypi, but i am hoping to collectively show haypi we still care, all we have ever wanted is good support.
in my opinion we should be getting a game update every month to fix the problems...



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Post Mon Mar 02, 2015 6:14 am

Re: Up To Date Suggestions.

Hi there,

Thank you very much for the share of your ideas. Some points of the suggestions are a bit difficult to implement, however, we've filed them up and will forward them to the team for their further consideration.

With regard to the issues, some of the known issues are either under testing or troubleshooting. If there are new glitches found, please feel free to update the thread and let us know.

Thank you again for your support and love. We appreciate it a lot.

Best Regards,
Haypi Team



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Post Mon Mar 02, 2015 4:44 pm

Re: Up To Date Suggestions.

Just out of interest. Which ideas would be harder to implement ?



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Post Wed Mar 04, 2015 8:56 am

Re: Up To Date Suggestions.

I really like some of these ideas but concerning your second suggestion...

This may have worked before alliance mines were introduced into the game but not so much now. Farming was always a part of the game and has only become more important since they were added.

You have to remember that by being in an alliance you are basically playing with two armies. By removing abandon cites you will be putting a strain on available resources which will force a player to chose one of two options, help his or her alliance by donating their resources and not build a personal army, which I doubt is what this suggestion is trying to do, or build a personal army and not help their alliance. Either choice would have obvious affects on the other.

You might say "there will still be active players generating resources" and you would be correct, but as they are active players, they will also be using their resources putting more strain on available resources.

"What about oases?" This would be more of a temporary fix. Yes a player could be allowed to occupy more than what is currently allowed but as his army grows, so does his need to support it and crop oases help. Eventually his army would be so great that he would need all available oases slots to help reduce the crop consumption.

I like what this idea is trying to do but like I said before, with alliance mines a part of the game, I doubt it would happen.



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Post Wed Mar 04, 2015 6:04 pm

Re: Up To Date Suggestions.

I actually agree.
It would be hard to implement.
However. I feel something along those lines would make the game just feel a little fresher. All these level 10 and below accounts are so pointless on older servers. So if they havnt been active for over 2 years theres really no need for them in my opinion.
But that idea is one of the harder ideas to actually put into practice. And i wouldnt be disappointed if it wasnt added. But felt it was a cool idea that i spoted on the forums and should atleast get a mention :)

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