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Alliance Jobs




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Alliance Jobs

First off let me say that everyone isn\'t required to work because of language problems and work schedules.

There are 5 Departments of this Family and 5 Department Managers.
The 5 Departments are:
Member Manager
WC & AC Moderators
Guide Instructor
Total Annihilation New Feed Editor

Each department will have its own team to get the jobs done and will have to send a lettered report once a day to the department manager who will in turn send a lettered report to me.

Job Descriptions:

Member Manager (Nikofune):
The Member Manager\'s team of workers will be called Member Maintaince Men or MMM for short. The primary duties of the MMM is to scout all of the members prestige and keep track of who is gaining and losing prestige. Also the Member Manager will be responsible for prestige control and will give out individual prestige requirements to each member and MMMs will enforce them by prestige tracking. Also Member Managers will be in chanrge of kicking out members and accepting them. The MMMs will send a lettered report to the Member Manager who will inturn send me a combined lettered report of his team.

WC & AC Moderators:
The WC & AC Moderator team of workers will be called Mods. This will consist of a team of 5 to 7 workers. The primary duties of the Mods is to make sure nobdy is telling family secrets in World Chat (wc) and not cursing and acting stupid in WC. Also the mods will monitor Alliance Chat (ac) and keep track of who is or isn\'t reporting in AC. From now on ALL members will be required to go in AC at least once a day and say "(type your name) reporting for duty" . The Mods will keep track of everyone who reports in and send the list to the WC & AC Moderator Manager. Who will send me 1 report of people who did report or did not report. For the people that don\'t report the Mods will have to send them a letter askin why they didn\'t report and send that response to the department manager who will send it to me. The mods are responsible for Family advertisement for when we do recruit members....which isn\'t right now because we are at full compacity. Also check who is online and don\'t speak in ac. when u log on report to ac.

The Warlords team of workers will be called Warman. That will consistet of a team of 7 to 10 workers. The Warlords primary duties are handle member attacks, and warring situations. The Warman carries out these duties. When a member is attack that member should inform a Warman or the Warlord and let them handle it. The Warman or Warlord first option is to send the attacker a letter. If that fails send the family leader a letter. if that fails the Warman informs the Warlord and the Warlord will decide to either initiate carefully planned attacks against the attacker or do a city lock.The Warmans sends the day\'s report to the Warlord and the Warlord sends a combined lettered report to me. The Warlord is also responsible for declaring war on alliances or declaring a surrender of war and also is in charge of allying with other alliances or severing ties to an alliance.

Guide Instructors (Nimball):
The Guide Instructors will have a team of 3 to 5 workers called Instructors. Their primary duty is to STAY in AC and answer questions that the family may have about the game. No reports need to be made for this job. If you want this job You have to be in AC a lot. You not required to chat. Just required to answer questions and you have to about this game.

Total Annihilation News Feed Editor:
The Editor will have a team of workers called The Staff. Their main job is to get news in the server, family attacks and conduct interviews and will send the information they get to the editor and editor will compiled the information into an family letter and call it the news feed.

This Family Alliance jobs was tailor made for my allaince (Murder1 server71 Total Annihilation) if you have 5 active vices the fifth job wouldn\'t be the news feed but an Alliance Treasurer that is in charge of giving away treasures that family members have to give away. Its only consist of a team of 3 or how ever many you want. this was created by Murder1 of S71.


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Re: Alliance Jobs

Way to complicated, the 5 vice and 1 leader is good enough for me :|
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Post Sat May 28, 2011 12:03 pm

Re: Alliance Jobs

Personally I think if 40/50 people in the alliance got an "important" Job the work is just treated like work. It's a cool idea,but as far as practical I think not ;)
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Re: Alliance Jobs

Yes it is unorthodox


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Post Sat May 28, 2011 6:09 pm

Re: Alliance Jobs

I would like leader, 2 vices and a slightly lower rank such as officer or presbyter, this is wayyyy too complicated -.- enough to make me go solo lol
Edit: Whoa. I saw this in general discussion, posted, viewed post and now it's in suggestions. What a coincidence :/ (that a moderator moved it at just this second)
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Post Sat May 28, 2011 6:35 pm

Re: Alliance Jobs

:/ eh. The mod thing for ac is kinda... Uh... Dumb. Why should you "report" for duty? That doesnt make any sense. You can obviously see their online by looking under alliance members. :roll:

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Re: Alliance Jobs

I like to go for the active alliance thing. U operate if the way u want. I am leader of my family and that's how we roll. Everyone reports for duty so I know they are active and won't get deleted. I have ac moderators to keep track of the people who are and aren't reporting or being active. It frees up a lot of my time



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Post Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:01 pm

Re: Alliance Jobs


I think dictators and vice dictators do a good enough job. Sick of someone swearing in AC? Boot them and farm them.

Job done.

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Re: Alliance Jobs

You may have a good idea there but for the general leaders of haypi your idea could be modified to suit there alliance. I was a vice in a great alliance, to ease the role of the leader I was the lead keeper. Ran weekly active checks and maintaining a pleasant ac. So great idea, keep em rolling!



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Post Wed Jun 01, 2011 2:41 pm

Re: Alliance Jobs

This would be way to much work. I think it would be better if everyone just worked as a team and got the task done together.
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