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Reimplement Old Alliance Rankings Also!!!



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Re: Reimplement Old Alliance Rankings Also!!!

Akell2 wrote:I am not too good with words. Forgive me for my scrambled mind.
About a year ago I stumbled upon this game. I did not have high expectations for this app, as I am generally uninterested in anything other than First Person Shooters. Well, let's just say I was astonished at the amount of creativity this game was designed with and the pure fun it had to offer. I quickly learned all the tricks and trades of this game with help from an alliance on S103, OMNI. All the people there were so friendly and awesome. They got me started in this app, and got me competitive. Soon after joining and after climbing the ranks, I realized that my prestige gain was not only beniffiting me, but my alliance as well. This idea really appealed to me. OMNI had a reason to help me out. MY gain was also THEIR gain. This is the game i fell in love with.
We went from rank 300 plus to in the top 20 because of everyones hard work.

Now this game has become a group of slaves, throwing in resources to an army that rarely sees battle. There isn't as much determination in having big armies, or sharing batttle plans with each other against our current target. I understand that totally removing this feature is not an option, as refunding all the players for their coin donations and such is, quite simply, impossible. But it is very possible to Reimplement the old alliance ranking system. We can all see it is not a matter of you not having the ability to do so, you did it once, you can do it again. Haypi Co. you would still be earning money from the mines. I would still put money into the mines, and I believe others would too. Nobody wants to throw away all their alliance has worked for. You say you strive for excellence. How do you determine this success? I think, a strong daily revenue along with the love and gratefulness of the haypi community would be success.
The majoity of the haypi community has asked you to add the old alliance rankin system back in, as have I. You would be doing yourselves a favor, along with the satisfaction of pleasing your loyal customers.
I ask that you strongly consider this.
Thanks for reading

Great way of putting it :) but remember, they determine their success by the latest coin purchase, not the percentage of unhappy players :/



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Re: Reimplement Old Alliance Rankings Also!!!

Well put akell. For the time spent being in your clan your hard work and devotion is well shown. As some may realize.. Theres a good reason this thread has been comtinuing to grown for over a year now.. Getting feedback from players is great for haypi co. But they need to actually take what they've read and move forward to make these thing happen.. There are many players that may not participate in the forums but I'm sure if some sort of ballad was to be mailed giving directions to vote whether they want the original alliance system implemented I'm sure there would a overwhelming number endorsing this feed for the old system.



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Re: Reimplement Old Alliance Rankings Also!!!

I suppose that these threads are no longer read by any of the support staff anymore, but a server without mines would be great, allow players to create an account on the original format of this game. Prestige based on member strength and not the ability to feed an alliance army.
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