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Server 111 Expert Nominations Discussion

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Post Thu Jun 09, 2011 9:52 pm

Re: Server 111 Expert Nominations Discussion

Master_Max wrote:
SkyDreamer wrote:
Rweisman43 wrote:Umm Elle we are down to two experts mind choosing another before chat starts getting out of hand? Last time I saw a server go to two a anti expert /anti top 50 revolt occurred -_-

Down to two experts? There are at LEAST four (This is verified because I can actually view them.) ... most likely 8 or so they are just probably in different time zones

Nope trust me. I know one who hasn't come online since merge, another who has only shown his face twice and abused an alliance glitch, another who was active but understandably doesn't come on much anymore, and now that I'm gone that leaves Cassy and Scary.

Sounds awful. >_< I hope this is straightened out soon.
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Post Thu Jun 09, 2011 10:54 pm

Re: Server 111 Expert Nominations Discussion

Hmm. I think I'll put in a nomination then...
and I'm pretty sure Robjes still moderates chat >.>
Edit: nominations.
Edit June 30:
Saw an expert today and he's calling a player a dirty cheater, getting angry at everyone and claiming he'll quit the game.... more experts on s111 would really be appreciated and helpful to others
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