Post Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:08 pm

3.22 vs. 3.20

So I used to play this for IOS a couple years back when I was into Apple products. I then transitioned to Android which I find more suitable for my needs!

Last night I decided I wanted a fun game to play and this cane to mind. I downloaded 3.22 and allow me to say, what a disaster! The apps home page is white on all the android I've tested this with (phones not tablets) however there is labels and the game does function! The next bug is when you tap the horn and go to the "Try your luck" tab and then tap a chest an error message comes up and then crashes the app. If you're new and awaiting one of your 3 secret gifts the timer resets, even if you were at 00.00.10 left, still it starts all the way over every time. Next the chat doesn't work! On both 3.20 & 3.22 the Facebook log in doesn't work. But that was my experience with 3.22

A few hours ago I decided to uninstall the app an hunt for a lower version and I found 3.20! 3.20 has only 2 problems that I've seen so far (aside from the FB issue) the issues are 1. Map, you cannot access the map because it asks you to download 3.22! & 2. I believe in app purchases don't work although I am not certain since I won't be making any for a few weeks. Other then that everything in 3.20 works perfectly fine!
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