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My Haypi life- article

PostPosted: Sat Apr 02, 2011 9:57 am
by BestBet
My Haypi Life

My Husband shocked me the other day. As I was proudly showing him my new app he remarked “You do like app’s that control your life, don’t you?” The shocking part? I had nothing to say in reply! Because I knew exactly what he was talking about. Haypi. For the past six months or so I have religiously visited my Haypi kingdom at least twice a day- once in the morning to collect my daily gift and harvest my hunts, and again at night before I go to sleep to again harvest my hunts and send them out again. If ever I consider not logging on in the morning the thought of what my daily gift might be and the idea that someone might have attacked me in the night spurs me on. This morning my gift was a gold box! Fortunately, my husband doesn’t complain, having a similar addiction himself, only to Youtube. So we sit in bed in the mornings, drinking tea and playing on our electronic devices; the perfect modern couple. It’s a similar story at night, except you can substitute ‘tea’ for ‘whisky’.
I must admit I am rather surprised at myself for still being so involved in Haypi Kingdom. I normally tire of my life-controlling app’s within a month. So what’s special about this one? For a start I think there is a very human element to it that comes from being able to play along with real people and not just a computer. People are so much more unpredictable. Take alliances. I was very happy in my first alliance, partly because I got made a vice-leader almost immediately. But the real leader disbanded the alliance a few weeks later. So I had to find another. That one started off well, but after being a vice I found it hard to get used to being an ordinary member, and then the leader stopped playing. So I quit and found another. Rubbish. It was like I didn’t exist. So now I am in a much lower ranked alliance but I am a vice leader again. Hooray! Power! Who would ever have guessed that it would matter so much?
Haypi is also different because of what the very name indicates. I think that is the reason why I chose it over other quite similar games available. You can play it in whatever way makes you happy, or ‘Haypi’ as the case may be. Personally I do not really enjoy attacking other peoples cities. I know it’s silly but it makes me feel mean. So I get most of my prestige by doing lots and lots of upgrading. And I don’t do badly. Of course some players have no conscience at all about attacking, even targeting the same person over and over again. I had this happen to me recently. At first I was outraged, but then I began to find it rather exciting to come up with ways to stop him. And I did! In the end. It was an incredibly satisfying feeling. I did not feel very laid-back about the game then, but most of the time I enjoy that slightly more relaxed aspect of it. There’s never a feeling that you have to do things a certain way and if you don’t then you are not doing it properly. You can do things any way you want. Once you have mastered the basic aspects of the game then you can come up with your own strategies and ways round problems. It isn’t just a war game for boys/men. It’s a strategy game for everyone. And I think the presence of us girls brings it a refreshing subtlety. That’s what makes it different to other war games out there and that is why I am addicted to my Haypi life. Only, beware of the desire for power that you will suddenly find lurking just beneath the surface of your normally caring and kind personality. Mohaa haa ha haaa.

Re: My Haypi life- article

PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:56 am
by Bob8717
Great post not area ask support for full adress for competition

Re: My Haypi life- article

PostPosted: Tue Apr 05, 2011 1:57 am
by Arythy
Yes, this should be posted in the Haypi Events section of the forums to be judged for the article competition. ^.^ Good luck!