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My families haypi story

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My families haypi story

I am a farmer and farther of 4, 2 of them have grown up and left home my eldest son has a wife and his own son. Since playing the game I can honesty say we have become closer, being part of a team ( our alliance ), we talk more we are always communicating on the chat.The eldest sons wife plays to and before haypi kindom she was shy and reserved and it has always been hard for me to get to know her but not any more in haypi we are part of a alliance and depend on each other after I got the kids envolved they got their friends into it to and so I have a better knowledge of them to,which any parent can be thankful for. We have so much fun in haypi kingdom planing attacks, building our cities, dealing on the market, helping each other, and that's what it's all about if your alliance is to climb the ladder you need to help the lower ranked members laying the foundations for respect and kindness. And so I would like to thank haypi kingdom for bringing my family closser together, "thankyou"



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Re: My families haypi story

Really liked this story. These are the kinds of stories I like to read.
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Re: My families haypi story

This is a nice story, thanks for sharing it. :)
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Re: My families haypi story

Well at least your family is bonding through Haypi :)
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Re: My families haypi story

Very nice :P
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Re: My families haypi story

its a story with a very haypi ending HAHA

Pun intended



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Re: My families haypi story

Very nice. I wish that Haypi can do that more. Unfortunatly, most of the time, it tears people apart. LOL
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Re: My families haypi story

Nice one I enjoyed reading that.
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