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my journey

i strarted haypi well within its first 24 hours of release and i am still here to this day. my first account which was on s1 i was very proud of but the time came a few months ago to move on, i had tried to move servers with my account nathan03 (s13) but had found it impossible. i joined S23 early on and found it a comfortable and friendly environment so stayed around. about 5 weeks after that i was honoured with a title and thats how ive stayed.

but thats just my haypi background... i started playing haypi during an exam period in january and have even stuck with haypi through thick and thin especially with my education. during the summer of this year i sat my A-levels which i did alright in (no thanks to haypi :mrgreen: ). then i started my university course in september which has proved hard especially with my commute but haypi has pulled me through the cold snowy morinings weve had this year.

the main thing i wish to praise about haypi is the people. people make you laugh, cry, sing and moan. they cause all these emotions to bubble to the surface and during my time in haypi many people have greatly influenced me not only by giving me greater confidence but also in giving me someone to talk to when im feeling down. there is an enormous sense of commmmunity whichever server you are on, it makes no difference. people are always willing to chat. at first i was reluctant to chat very much but over the year i have become more and more active in both world chat and alliance chat and have steadily grown as a player.

the other thing about haypi iis that there is always new things to learn, i read through the forums and usually find something i did not know, this game has simply changed my life.

i havent had a dramatic story or anything like that this game has just affected me in a way i would not realise thats simply all there is to it, i hope you enjoy this little knowledge into my world

edit- 3 months on i am still a loyal player of haypi. things change fast in three months. i am now no longer an expert in the kingdom but still happy. i cant believe how fast things can change from a simple life to complicated. friends with depression, there kids in foster care and visiting them everyday to make sure they havent done anything stupid, it is always nice to come onto the kingdom and get away from the stress of life.

this 3 months has been full of ups and downs. i have a niece on the way, passed my first semester at university and have tried many countless things. this really has been exciting for me thanks haypi for entertaining me through the good the bad and the nights spent locked out of my house or in random places

edit- so here it is the long awaited update of my haypi career. so jend of march i was asked to leave s106 and expert on s65. i willingly took this opportunity. however this was a shortlived helping hand, i found that i preferred to be a normal player on s106 than an expert on s65 so in mid july i decided to return to 106. i had begun to miss the folks on my hojme server aand knowing i couldnt maintain an expert account and play on s106 i resigned as expert and fully transferred back to s106. so here i am sitting happy in 106 and once more enjoying the game to its full extent.

so here we go again kickin back on s106. slowly building back a reputation and a significant rank. then all good things come to an end and it was time for another merge. both server and alliance. we jumped into s121 with two feet and myself and generalman, (who has been in an alliance with me since the start of s23, some would say my prodigee) moved into titans. this was a step up for us we were at the top of our game ruling s121, his iron fist my fluffy bunny attitude. our current alliance suddenly saw our potential promoting us both up the ranks in a few weeks. we mirrored this by climbing the prestige ranks for them. i always tease generalman because of all the coins he spent and hes stuck down in 35th place whereas i havent spent a peny yet i managed o climb from 108th to 5th since the merger. i guess it just goes to show that all it takes is hardwork, commitment and a bit of luck...

s121 started to slow, things stagnated and continued to get boring. then at the end of 2012 and into the beginning of 2013 life got serious. my girlfriend had depression, anxiety and was getting daily panic attacks. i chose to delete the app for a while in order to care for her and devout more time to her care. this was met with much support from my alliance and much hatred by my enemies, who called me a coward etc. this disheartened me that haypi players had stoooped to a point where real life didnt come first. these months were hard i kept in touch via pal with my haypi friends and slowly we took the time and healed, at the beginning of may i made my return to the disappointment of my enemies, who still to this day remark on my break not fully understanding its reasons. a merge was announced one week later and we moved onto s130. titans dropped to rank 6 in the alliance rankings and i had dropped from rank 3 on s121 to rank 7 on s130. now life is regaining normality there are many hard days still with my girlfriend but we continue to grow and i continue to take advice and encouragement from haypi kingdom players who continue to ask about the situation.

many thanks

(special thanks to Generalman, SonnyB and Cynicalone for there support this year)
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