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Stone hunting guide




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Re: Stone hunting guide

I get nothing. Seems too easy when Haypi wants you to spend money and pay for them.



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Re: Stone hunting guide

False. Haypi has a statistically programmed the game, not evenly. While one account may be placed on the high-end or mid-end of the distribution (bell-curve) chart, other accounts like mine will be placed near the bottom. My chances of success are absolutely terrible.

Documented Results: i have 7 cities. I have tried everything the past 6 years to get this to work, after thousands of stones. Ive acheieved lvl 20 horse lvl 17 manual. How many is thousands? Well here are my stats:
7 cities, 3 hunts/city. Pulling 2000-5000 per hunt for 3 years. Hunts recorded: 6230 (some without vip so only 2 hunts/city for the majority of 2 years, and thousands are unrecorded)
33.4% failed (0 hunt)
32.6% money (2000-8000)
7.2% large money (10000-22000)
18.3% treasure (lvl 1-4 or nugget (i have over 100 now))
5.4% large treasure (lvl 5-9 or gemstone)
3.1% stones (1-20, avg 6-16)
My average is 1/30 hunts I get stones. 10x different than yours. My fails are another story. After statistical calculations in failing over 124x across my treasures, at the chances of failing has put me at 1 out of 34,567,000 people to get my level of "luck".
I'd like to think im probably the bottom of the totem pole, but fundamentals of statistics says there will always be a smaller or larger or faster fish in the sea.

My point is, while one person may hunt 1000 stones in a day and never fail an enhance until lvl 18-20 on equip, and only takes a couple days to max speed and a week to max all their equip; another such as myself will never reach a simple max speed. Or at least, still hasn't yet.

Count your lucky stripes cause chances are, you are better off than me. Oh, my fortune level is 100+28 right now. And has been that way for years. The only noticeable thing it changed was how often i get a "double-power" attack in battle.
Fortune does NOT seem to effect: treasure opening, hunting, daily gift, enhance, stones, silver/gold boxes, or anything that is related to chance besides double-power attacks.

I feel completely and utterly ripped-off, conned, and cheated for the amount of effort i put into the game and the extremely little i get in return.

Another point why i say account, i believe the stats varries per acccount as haypi most likely assigns each account randomly into a bell chart percentage. One of my accounts has reached lvl 14 horse with only 35 failed stones total. As opposed to this account which lost 378 stones by that point. A difference of 5 months to only 3 weeks.

Hope this either helps, or at least sympathizes with those who also landed on the unlucky end of haypi's beating stick. :mrgreen:

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